The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

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The party was hired by the Gundrin Rockseeker to accompany a cart of goods from Neverwinter to the town of Fandolin. Gundrin himself left a day earlier, accompanied by bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter. On our way there, we found their horses dead in the road with no sign of the riders, before being ambushed by goblins. Three were defeated, but one surviving goblin escaped down an overgrown trail, off the side of the main road. We continued to Fandolin and upon arrival met Barthun, one of Gundrin's partners, who enlisted us to find out what had happened to him. We then spoke to Sister Garial before settling at the Stone Hill Inn. After a brief chat with Toblin the barkeep, Petra, Agnes and Shuk 'played for their supper' with Eldun the bard.

Points of Interest

  • Gundrin and his brothers were ‘onto something big’, later assumed to be the Mines of Phandelver.
  • We found an empty map case by the dead horses; did Gundrin keep the map, is it for the mines?
  • Barthun offered us 54gp (total) to rescue Gundrin, mentioned that his brothers were in a camp just outside of town.
  • We were warned about the Sleeping Giant Inn, where the Red Brands hang out.
  • We met Sister Garial by the Shrine to Timura (to which Comam offered 1gp). She wanted us to fetch a jeweled cone from a mine to give to a banshee called Agatha, so that it would reveal the location of a magical tome. For this, she offered three potions (one up front) and the chance to accompany her to see the banshee.
  • Sister Garial also suggested that if we help her, we may be able to join The Harpers. They are a network of adventurers and spies, who aim to thwart tyrants, hunt bad guys and generally do good work for the people.

Plans for next session

  • Ask Barthun for more info on Phandelver.
  • Go find Gundrin and get the cone on the way.



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